As a market leader, we consistently refine more than 94% of Australia’s newly mined gold. Gold ore is also sourced from surrounding countries including New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Thailand and Malaysia. In addition, we remain the refiner of choice for gold jewellery and secondary metal obtained from various Asian markets. The capacity of our refining operations is in excess of 700 tonnes per annum, making us the largest and most efficient newly mined gold doré refinery in the world. 

With state-of-the- art facilities located in Perth, we employ four main refining processes:

  • Miller chlorination
  • Electrolytic gold refining
  • Aqua regia digest refining
  • Electrolytic silver refining

The combination of these processes ensures the most cost-effective treatment of gold and silver from mines, industrial secondary metal, jewellers' lemels, and other types of high and low grade material.