Gold and Silver Bullion Bars

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Bullion bars represent one of the most cost effective ways of purchasing physical precious metals. The Perth Mint manufactures a range of gold and silver bars in varying sizes from 1/2oz to 1,000oz. 

The 400oz and 1,000oz silver bullion bars are stamped with The Perth Mint brandmark and include a serial number. The other smaller bars are stamped with the Perth Mint brandmark and are not numbered. The 1,000oz and 400oz large bars are recognised by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). The Perth Mint mark is internationally recognised and can usually be traded internationally without the need for assay.

The Perth Mint also produces a range of Gold Minted Bars. These bullion bars come in 5g, 10g, 20g, 1oz and 10oz sizes. Representing an exceptionally convenient way to store physical gold all minted bars are priced at a dollar premium over metal.

The Perth Mint’s range of Minted Bars feature The Perth Mint logo and hopping kangaroo motifs. Each bar, which displays its weight and purity, is packaged in a green tamper-proof display card.

While the fabrication cost of bars is generally lower than coins, if portability and international tradability is important to you we suggest you consider our bullion coins because:

  1. The wider distribution network of coins means they are more recognised.  Alternatively, check with bullion dealers in the country you plan to visit to see if they are familiar with The Perth Mint mark. 
  2. In some countries bars are taxable whereas legal tender is not.  Since Perth Mint coins are legal tender, this can be a significant cost advantage when importing.  
  3. When selling, the highly finished surface and milled edge serrations of a coin can make less knowledgeable bullion dealers more comfortable with coins than bars. 

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