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Protect your purchase. The Perth Mint, owned by the Government of Western Australia, guarantees the purity and weight of the gold and silver.

Precious Metal Prices

Live Spot Prices

You will find a good indication of current precious metal prices here.

End of Financial Year Metal Prices

Below is a table of the Australian dollar metal prices used by The Perth Mint to value its precious metal assets and liabilities in its Annual Report. Australian investors may find these suitable for valuing their precious metal holdings for tax or other reporting purposes. Investors in countries with other financial year ends can download the historical data below to find the appropriate prices.

Date PMGOLD (ASX) Gold Silver Platinum Palladium
30/06/2015 15.34 1534.09 20.49 1409.89 873.45
30/06/2014 13.98 1397.62 22.13 1576.44 897.76
30/06/2013 13.54 1353.87 21.55 1568.37 724.54
30/06/2012 15.74 1573.54 27.11 1424.34 573.23
30/06/2011 14.08 1408.20 32.43 1610.86 709.12
30/06/2010 14.58 1457.79 21.82 1798.97 533.90
30/06/2009 11.62 1161.59 17.36 1474.25 311.11
30/06/2008 9.68 967.87 18.45 2152.02 486.91
30/06/2007 7.65 764.53 14.63 1497.41 429.51
30/06/2006 8.09 809.31 14.42 1632.60 426.98
30/06/2005 5.73 572.74 9.28 1160.14 239.69
30/06/2004 5.68 568.03 8.49 1126.30 317.56
30/06/2003 5.19 519.18 6.80 1002.40 268.06
30/06/2002 n/a 562.88 8.58 953.73 565.17
30/06/2001 n/a 533.12 8.54 1089.36 1176.35
30/06/2000 n/a 481.68 8.33 949.21 1082.43

Historical Data

The Perth Mint's extensive historical records of precious metal spot prices, exchange rates, London Fix prices and interest rates are available below for downloading for free.  Available in zip or the easy-to-read comma separated value format (.csv), the data is an invaluable resource for the precious metal investor who wishes to chart and analyse price movements. The data is summarised as Highs, Lows and Averages on a Daily, Monthly, and Yearly basis. The files are updated monthly.

Data CSV File Name Approx Size
Daily Gold Prices Gold.csv 3500 kb
Daily Silver Prices Silver.csv 3200 kb
Daily Platinum Prices Platinum.csv 3400 kb
Daily Palladium Prices Palladium.csv 3100 kb
Daily Exchange Rates & Interest Rates Rates.csv 3300 kb
Daily London Fix Prices LondonFixes.csv 2400 kb
Monthly Prices (All Data) Monthly.csv 800 kb

This data is provided for reference only.  By publication of this data, The Perth Mint does not suggest or infer that future price trends will in any way reflect past movements.  The Perth Mint supplies the data in these files ‘as is’ and does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the data, its suitability for any particular purpose and will not be liable or held responsible for any errors, omissions or failure to provide the data.  Please e-mail us at if you identify any errors in the data or have any suggestions.

Data Sets Available

Market Metal/Currency Priced In Price Type Starting Date
Perth Mint Spot Gold, Silver AUD Bid, Ask 2 Jan 1975
Perth Mint Spot Gold, Silver USD, JPY Bid, Ask 21 Jun 1991
Perth Mint Spot Platinum AUD, USD, JPY Bid, Ask 21 Jun 1991
Perth Mint Spot Palladium AUD, USD, JPY Bid, Ask 17 Nov 1994
Perth Mint Spot AUD USD, JPY Bid, Ask 21 Jun 1991
Perth Mint Spot USD JPY Bid, Ask 21 Jun 1991
London Fix Gold USD AM, PM 2 Jan 1968
London Fix Silver USD Fix 2 Jan 1968
London Fix Platinum, Palladium USD AM, PM 2 Apr 1990
Hedge Settlement Rate AUD USD   1 Jun 1992
Interest Rates On Call Unofficial AUD % p.a. 1 Jan 1976
Interest Rates Federal Funds Rate USD % p.a. 1 Jan 1975

Data Sources

Market Source Comment
Perth Mint Spot Perth Mint Treasury, 310 Hay St, East Perth, WA, Australia The price set by The Perth Mint daily and used as the basis for the pricing of all its wholesale and retail transactions.
London Fix,
Gold and Silver
The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) The gold fix is the price set between market-making members of the LBMA at 10:30am (AM Fix) and 3:00pm (PM Fix) in London. The silver fixing is the price set between market-making members of the LBMA at 12:00pm in London.
London Fix,
Platinum and Palladium
The London Platinum and Palladium Market (LPPM) The platinum and palladium fixes are the prices set between market-making members of the LPPM at 9:45am (AM Fix) and 2:00pm (PM Fix) in London.
Hedge Settlement Rate (HSRA) Australian Financial Markets Association The average AUD/USD exchange rate at 8:10am Sydney time as submitted by a panel of banks.
Interest Rates AUD Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) 24-hour unofficial call rates up to 1986, then the 11:00am unofficial call rates. A proxy for the wholesale on-call interest rate.

Other Comments

  • Spot: The price for cash (immediate) settlement.  The bullion market operates on a two-day settlement (the value date is on the 2nd business day following the trade date). 
  • Trade Date: Date on which the price was set. 
  • Value Date: Date on which payment of money and delivery of metal/currency occurs. 
  • Bid: The price at which an organisation will buy, that is, the price you will be paid if you sell precious metal. 
  • Ask: The price at which an organisation will sell, that is, the price you will pay if you purchase precious metal. 
  • London Fix: Please note that purchases on the fix incur a ‘fix fee’, which is normally USD 1.00 per ounce for gold, USD 0.10 per ounce for silver and USD 1.00 per ounce for platinum.  As fix fees are not included in our London Fix price data, users wishing to determine the fix buying price (Ask) would need to add the appropriate fix fee. 
  • Perth Mint Spot prices: Before 21 June 1991, only opening AUD spot prices were recorded.  After 21 June 1991, intra-day prices were recorded and the daily prices in the data is the average of these intra-day prices.