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The Perth Mint Bullion

Government Guarantee


Protect your purchase. The Perth Mint, owned by the Government of Western Australia, guarantees the purity and weight of the gold and silver.


Store and safe-keep precious metal silver and gold bullion coins and bars at The Perth Mint, Australia.

The Perth Mint Depository Service is operated by Gold Corporation, who is the successor organisation of the Perth branch of Britain’s Royal Mint, founded in 1899. Gold Corporation was established by the Gold Corporation Act 1987 on 30 June 1988 to take over the operations of the Mint. It is now wholly owned by the Government of Western Australia and trades under the name “The Perth Mint”.

The Perth Mint is an integrated precious metals refiner, fabricator and secure depository supplying precious metal related products and services, including:

  • Precious metal depository products which offer precious metal storage services to domestic and international private clients, trusts, superannuation and pension funds, and corporations seeking secure storage under government guarantee;
  • Refining some 400t of gold per annum from the Australasian region;
  • Storage and safekeeping of precious metals.

The Perth Mint has a strong reputation for excellence and innovation and offers a variety of Depository products and services to cater for individual investor needs.

Investors who do not want the inconvenience and risk of storing their precious metals can take advantage of the investment products that The Perth Mint has developed.  These products allow investors to buy gold, silver and platinum via its Certificate and Depository programs or to buy gold via the Australian Stock Exchange. 

Alternatively, The Perth Mint manufactures a wide range of bullion coins and bullion bars for those who prefer to store physical precious metal themselves.  Information on these products can be accessed by clicking on any one of the four menu choices above.  If you have any questions about The Perth Mint's investment products or how to invest in precious metal, please contact us:

Investment, Depository & Certificate Inquiries

TOLLFREE (AUS) 1300 651 465
Phone +61 8 9421 7250
Fax +61 8 9221 7074

Important Note: Depository Services does not offer online access. To open an account, please refer to either the Certificate Program or Depository Program sections, which can be found using the menu on the left of this page.